What are the Japanese nail trends for Spring 2017?

by - Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hello lovelies! I'm back to talk about nail trends in Japan. Well, one nail trend. It's almost Spring in Japan, as plum-blossoms are due to come out at the end of February so keeping with the topic of flowers, I present the latest trend, Oshibana (押し花) nails, or pressed flower nails!

My girl, Naomi, had a theory that pressed flowers were going to be the next big movement in nails and low and behold, a few weeks later, Instagram is is inundated with the trend! Check out Naomi's post here and check out her own oshibana nails~ I love this look, it's just so refreshing and screams of Spring so let me talk about some variations of the look.

The Bouquet

Left Middle Right

This involves a clear or natural nail-bed colour as a base which creates a milky effect. The dried flowers are arranged in little bouquets with the stems of each tiny flower touching and are intermingled with other nails features a circular pattern. Lots of nails I have seen with this bouquet look also have gold accents, particularly the gold rings which you can see on the set in the far left. Very neutral and cute.

Painted flower parts
Ok so this isn;t dried flowers but I feel like it's along the same strain. This look is when accent nails are painted with a part of a flower, like the entire thing didn't quite fit. The rest of the nails match with the colour scheme of the painted flowers. There's some cute little pearl and crystal accents in there too.

The Gradation Bouquet
 Left Middle Right
A little while ago, gradation nails were popular. This is when a dot of colour is put in their center of a milky white nail and the colour is pushed outwards to the edges of the nail, creating this super subtle fade-to-white effect. This is an evolution of that but combined with the pressed flower trend.

The Scattered Effect
This is when the dried flowers are arranged in a blown-away-by-the-wind effect. Thw flowers don't have to be pristine which adds to the effect.

Trend combinations
Middle Right
These are a couple of examples of how to work the trend when combined with some other every-popular trends.

I love this trend, I personally hadn't seen this before up until recently so I'm really excited to see how nail technicians are going to take this trend to new heights! Let us know what you think of this trend.

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