Monthly Gal Youtube Roundup

by - Thursday, February 02, 2017

When you search 'Gyaru' on youtube, you're just presented with tons of stuff, most of it not being related to Gal culture at all; porn, multiple uploads of really old clips from TV shows or nothing even relating to gal so I sifted through some of the crap from over the last few months and found some glorious gems that you should definitely watch! Some of them are a little more than a month old but they're goodies, so trust me fam.

YuuYuu's natural daily gal makeup tutorial

History of Gyaru and interview with model model and BLEA makeup instructor, Maiko Sano
Skip to 29:20 for the segment

 Cute youtuber Usatani's daily Gal makeup tutorial

 Kato Mika's 5 minute Gal Make challange

KuroGal icon, Mipochi's Gal makeup

There you have it! If there;s anything that you think I missed that I should feature or you'd like your videos to be featured in a future Monthly Youtube Roundup, let me know below or tweet us at @gxlbible.

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