Check out this Gal's $8000 per month apartment!

by - Thursday, April 06, 2017

Let's talk about one HUGE gal success story and it's protagonist; Emiri Aizawa. If you don't know who she is, she is the most successful hostesses in the whole of Kabukicho, Tokyo's red light district. She has single handedly raked in more money than any other hostesses in the district and has raked in millions of dollars for drinking and talking with wealthy men. I'm not going to talk about what hostessing is here yet so if you want to read more about what the job entails, click here here.

Being the #1 in a in an area of Tokyo where there are literally hundreds of clubs with tons of girls working in each one, that is an incredible feat in itself and if you want to read more about Emiri's backstory, check out this great article here.

What is even more incredible is how she used that success to launch her own fashion brand, Emiria Wiz, and now girlfriend rakes in $18,000,000 a year. Being able to afford an apartment that is $8000 a month; it's safe to say that the girl has made it so let's have a look inside her 900,000 yen apartment and feel ways.

Let's have a look around her apartment. They have been taken from various different times so the decor has changed a bit.

Emiri also models for the Gal and Kyabakura magazine, Ageha. "Why's she doing that when she's rich as fuck?"because she's SMART. By putting herself in places where her audience is visible i.e hostesses and flashy ladies, she increases the awareness of her brand so they'll be more likely buy from her brand.

Emiri's apartment is around 120m² which seems almost eye-watering considering how much she's playing per month but a number of factors impact the price of your property including the size, the location, how convenient the location is, age of the building, what the building is made from, the view, the gadgets in the house, the security in the apartment block and whether the apartment block has extra fancy things for its residents like a gym/pool etc. Emiri probably has ALL those things.

Emiri also still works as a hostess which is another great business move. By living the lifestyle of her target audience, she can better curate the brand towards them which means £$£$£$£.
 It looks like Emiri has switched up her sofas and table for a more Rococo look.
Her bedroom looks pretty stark (except for the dog) but that's because all the good stuff is hidden away in it's own separate space,and by good stuff I mean the SHOES.

Naturally, she has a walk-in wardrobe that's filled with Chanel and Gucci bags.And Louboutins.

The mystery is; what do her clothes look like. I hope she posts a picture of it soon so I can just sit and be sad and wish I owned everything.

So there we have it folks, Emiri Aizawa's eye-wateringly expensive but stunning apartment. 

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