Who are the girls behind our favorite Gal brands?

by - Saturday, October 22, 2016

Have you ever wondered about about the people behind the brands at Shibuya 109 brands? 

Welp, here's your answer; it's these ladies. These women are the brains and visionaries behind their respective brands; they are creative directors, brand producers and designers. Let's just have a gawk at their personal styles and see if that can give us some insite as to how their personal aesthetic influences their brands.

Just to note, I will be excluding girls like WC's Wakatsuki Chinatsu, Ank Rouge's Okarie and Emoda's Ena Matsumoto who have parted ways with their respective brands. I also excluded girls who have no internet presense or inactive social media accounts.

On with the master-minds!

Evris's Ayano Sasaki
Look at the floaty floaty
Ayano Sasaki is a popular reader model-turned brand producer and m8 she works denim like no other. Flared and baggy cut jeans were huge this summer in Tokyo.
Yo look at them flares and how totally unoffensive they are

These dip dye highlights are pretty big at the moment
Her hair has been on the dark site in recent years
Gurl changes her nails a lot
Short nails are for boss ladies. They're cute as F but you can still get on with your shit.

Duras's Jurina Otsuki

Ok so Duras might sound like the name of either a paint company or a female hygeine product but trust me when I say that the Jurina is responsible for having the most enviable-looking shop staff of any brand I've ever seen. Like Jurina, Duras girls are tanned for the gods, have flawless makeup and skin, dreamy ash blonde hair and have legs for years. YEARS.

Bless u Jurina.

Look at her wearing her own designers, u go gurl.

Bodycon and basic, but sexy. Also; LEGS.

Note the ashy blonde hair which is a reoccurring thing with their staff girls


Rienda's  Reiko Nakane

Reiko is also the director for other Otona brand Lilidia,
She mainly wears Lilidia but man she's cute wearing all her own designs <3
I can't find out much about this girl and she doesn't have much of an internet presence but LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS. Reiko's personal style is clean and unfussy with minimal accessories.
Still Gal but still sophisticated,

Minimal nails
The delicate 

Murua's Momoko Ogihara

MOMOKOOOoo what happened to the Mode queen?! Momoko and her brand Murua became famous for their luxe, Western-inspired aethetic but with a sexy silhouette but she's still pushing boundaries with her love of layering!
Ya gurl changed a lot on the last few years
Cozy and stylish winder coords.
Note the use of contrasting length; that's a big thing for Murua
She's still sticking with red hair!
Cute details to note

Makeup and detail shots


Swankiss's Saaya

Super adorable 50s'/lolita inspired looks and silhoeuttes
 This girl is just the cutest; she was a winner of one of 109's regular competition to have her brand stocked in the building and it did so well that it's still standing! Good on ya, Saaya. I lover her 50's inspired silhouette; which are universally flattering on any figure.
Swankiss girls aways have the 'sick eyes'

More of the floaty floaty that Swankiss is just so good at
Saaya likes to play with texture and seems to really like lilac at the moment.

Brooklyn All Day's Dj Amo

Street casual style
Brooklyn All Day aka BAD Store is pretty new and it's shop only opened up in Shibuya 109 a couple of months ago. Ayano used to be a popular reader model and seems to have jumped on the chance to direct her own brand.
Working the BAD stuff

She's reay got that whole Neo Gal thing going on. Remember that? Yeah it never really happened


Fig & Viper's Alisa Ueno

Alisa's toned down the music festival style for a more sporty look
 Everyone knows this girl, she's EVERYWHERE. I genuinely have no idea how she has time to work because she seems to be travelling all the time. So JEALOUS.
adorable 70s inspired looks

I think this means that matte lipsticks are finally going to become a thing in Japan


This entry's been sitting here for months so these pictures are a good few months old but I just want to crap this out already!
If any of you know of any other mention-worthy brand producers, hit us up! (especially if you know the brand producer for One Spo, that goddess needs to be worshiped)

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