Chedel Spring Summer 2016 collection

by - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Most of your probably haven't heard of this brand but Chedel is a relatively new brand catered to hostesses and equally fancy ladies.
"Isn't that a kind of cheese?" I hear you say? Yeah not quite. Cheese and Chedel are both great things, have a look.
The brand follows a strange new look known as pheromone kei i.e sexy but in a subtle way. Titties are on the DL and the hemlines can be pretty long!

Pint-sized babe Keiko Maruyama is the producer. Man she's cute, check out her Insta when you get the chance. She's an Ageha model
Chedel doesn't rely on bling to bring interest to it's items, it makes use of fancy silhouettes, look at that back and belly action. YASSSSS.

Thinking about bacon

OOOOH look at that dress on the right, dem shoulders doe.

Everyone and their mum is going to pick up on the bow boob bikinis. So cute

Aight, now you know about this brand, get buying son. It's a lot more affordable than it's competitors, such as Emiria Wiz and Rady.

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